Friday, 1 April 2011

How To Find The Best Free Teen Porn Videos Without Being Run Around In Circles

Teen porn has always been popular and fortunately for us teen porn connoisseurs and there are a ton of ways to get a lot of free teen porn videos online nowadays.

But to safely navigate the vast amount of teen porn tube sites out there, there are a few things you need to know. Porn tubes basically fall into two categories...

Illegal Porn Tube Sites

Most of the big porn tubes like You Porn, Red Tube, Porn Hub etc. are usually illegal sites. They violate copyright on massive scale, maybe not with all their clips, but certainly for thousands of them. They will put any video up on their site hiding behind the argument that it's user submitted content. But if you've ever tried uploading a video to one of these sites you know it's fake - they don't actually take submissions, the link is just there so they can hide behing the DMCA.

Now you might think "what do I care, I get my porn for free there"... and you would be right. Just keep in mind that every visit to these sites is funding criminals (through ad revenue) and that the producers and owners of (and the actresses in) the videos you watch get nothing from it, and ultimately that will ruin porn as we know and like it.

Legal Porn Tube Sites

This is the second category. Here the owners of the tube sites are only providing videos they have explicit rights to share with you. Usually the copyright owners will require a link bank to the paysite the video is from. These videos are usually (but not always) shorter than the illegal ones, but on the plus side you know that the people who made them are getting what they deserve and you still get free porn. Another huge plus... because these videos are usually provided directly from the paysites, they are 100% 18 USC 2257 compliant, so you're not risking watching something illegal without your knowledge.

Unfortunately most of the Legal Tube Sites fall into this sub category...

Annoying Porn Tube Sites

Also know as the big circle jerk. You've probably seen your fair share of these... The owner has a traffic trading script on the site and they send a high percentage (sometimes all) of the clicks on to their mate's sites instead of to the actual videos (their mates do the same hence the circle jerk). No matter how many times you click on that damn video with the cute teen girl, you never get to watch it - instead you are sent into a vast maze of fake pages, pop ups, viagra ads and worse.

The Best Teen Porn Tube

Teen Porn Hub was born out of frustration with all the crap going on on the other sites - and the aim was (and still is) to build the biggest collection of free teen porn videos online, or in other words the best teen sex tube and the only one you'll ever need. All the videos on Teen Porn Hub are 100% legal both in terms of copyright and 2257 compliance, you can browse and enjoy Teen Porn hub with a clear conscience. There are no circle jerks or shady things going on either - when you click on a video, you are going to see that video... period!

Now you have some of the facts about how the porn tubes work, it's of course up to you where you decide to find and enjoy you videos. But we hope you found this informative and that you'll at least think about it the next time you're seaching for teen porn - the more of us who do, the better teen porn we'll all get!

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